Our Facility

logo iconSavvy13Our objective at Escondido Equestrian Center is to provide a boarding environment where your horse is well cared for and happy. Horses are fed three times daily to better meet their grazing needs, pens are cleaned daily, and there is a selection of large pens and turnouts available so your horse has room to roam.

We invite and welcome all equine disciplines to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and variety of amenities. As we grow the natural horsemanship community at Escondido Equestrian Center, look for clinics and workshops to help you with your horsemanship needs. In the meantime, we are open to working with you to meet your needs. If you have a desire that is not currently available, please bring it to our attention so we can attempt to accommodate your horse. The following services are available for an additional fee: shavings, grooming/blanketing, turnout, and vehicle parking. Owner provided supplements are fed at no additional charge.

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About the Owner - Joan Layte

About Joan1Horses have always been a source of beauty for me.  I am amazed at their grace and willingness to interact.
  At different times throughout my life I have periodically been able to experience the magic of horses and I am in awe of the wave of positive emotions that comes to me and others while in the presence of horses.

I grew up in Escondido where I learned to ride and was trained in Western Equitation.  In the 1980s, I led trail rides in the hills where the UC San Marcos campus now resides.  During that time I discovered what is now my favorite breed of horse for both its easy-going demeanor and gait--the Missouri Fox Trotter.

My current equine partner is  an 8-year old gaited horse of unknown heritage but awesome disposition that I found in Georgia.  After a long hiatus away from horses, I decided that Natural Horsemanship was the way to go for His Nibs and me.  We progressed tremendously daily and, more and more, I realized this was something I wanted to make into more than just a hobby.  I plan on continuing my own education so I can pass this knowledge on to others as a certified instructor.

After many years of boarding my horses, the opportunity came for me to take over this wonderful turn-key boarding and recreational facility known as Savvy Stables, which had been operated by Parelli Professional Cindy Giannini and her husband, Mike.   I became a student of Parelli Natural Horsemanship (PNH) several years ago because their program gives me knowledge, tools, and confidence with horses.  I found that the PNH philosophy with horses and their core values resonated with me and have helped not only my horsemanship but also my people skills.  A win-win combination!

Through many years of desk work as a legal secretary, paralegal, and law office manager, I am now ready to journey forward on a new adventure and devote my time to my passion for horses.  I hope you will join us at Escondido Equestrian Center with your equine partner and also join in our endeavor to expand your knowledge of this magnificent animal with Natural Horsemanship while obtaining the best possible care and guardianship of your horse.


Excerpt of Parelli™ Core Values:

  • Put the Relationship First--whether with your horse, partner, family, co-workers, customers, vendors, or business partners.
  • Be the Best Me I Can Be--pursue a positive perspective, be solutionary, don't take things personally.
  • Get it Done with a Little Fun--celebrate individuality, you are free to be yourself.
  • Embrace Never-Ending Self-Improvement--individually, as a team and as family; nurture learning and change; embrace imagination and creativity.

The Parelli™ Program and Mission

The Parelli™ Natural Horse Training Method combines in-depth equine psychology and common sense communication techniques into the ultimate recipe for horse and rider success. It allows horse owners at all levels of experience (from trail rider to Olympic level Dressage rider) to achieve success without force, partnership without dominance and harmony without coercion. Our wider goal is to help create a better world for horses and the people who love them through the non-profit Parelli Foundation.

Check out the Parelli™website: